Wow what a summer 2014 will go down as, I passed a milestone, a very special anniversary trip away with my wife & then keeping the children entertained over the summer. 6 weeks crammed full with lots of days out in Kent courtesy of English Heritage & a wonderful family holiday recreating my childhood memories on the Isle of Wight with many images recording the special times we had, but more of that in the coming weeks.

By now the majority of children have now returned to school, some parents will have shed a tear or two as their little ones are packed off to school for the first time, as I know a number of clients are due to do so shortly. I wish them all a very happy school year & of making new friends, hopefully lifelong ones.

It is always important to have a record of your children growing up including them in the their uniform, but I myself personally can never rely on the school photographer capturing my child naturally. Photographers always seem to have the ability of making my children look like they have just sucked a lemon (I don't know why as they should be used to a camera lens by now), but sadly I am not alone in being unhappy with school photos, I hear it all the time from clients! So the other day I held a special trial mini school portrait shoot, which I hope to run again should the demand be sufficient. 

Above are some sample images from my little darlings session, which was done swiftly in the studio a couple of days ago. Each session allowed 10 minutes to capture 5 individual portraits, which were then sent out to parents via email with a print license.


Hopefully you will be more than happy with your own school images but should you be left feeling disappointed this year with your school photos or would like to create a set of images to treasure in a relaxed atmosphere, all is not lost please drop me a line! If there are a number of parents that feel the same from your school I can create a special mini school portrait shoot event of your own. Or if you are booking a family portrait session I am happy to capture school images at the end of a session.


I hope everyone has a happy school year, including all of my Teacher clients out there returning to school after the summer break.


Thanks for reading.