From time to time I get potential clients questioning why my fees are higher than some local photographers, which in general could be answered by how long is a piece of string?


Although I can't provide a definitive answer to how other businesses are run, many variables can be throw into the equation like do they have back up equipment should their equipment fail during the session, do they provide viewing sessions, do they offer quality sourced products & how good is the level of service to their clients, which will all impact on your overall family portrait experience. Every business does have its own operating costs before they even step out the door, although many can chose to ignore them, but by taking that approach the longevity of the business is not sustainable. As with cars, clothing, food etc I appreciate that there are different target markets, so simply not everyone will become my client, which is why I chose to display my fees. The majority will not be searching on price point alone, will fall in love with my work & appreciate the time I have invested in learning my craft, building my portfolio & website. Photography is an investment that will last for many years in your home & be passed down the family line & has the power to put a smile on your face when you are having a bad day. How can you put a price on that, when you think of it that way!


One area where I do believe that the majority of my clients appreciate is in the editing, although this is the invisible side of my business, that people only see the final result, I do spend the vast amount of my time creating that WOW. One of my pet hates is when I see an image on a website that has had a basic black and white conversion, to the untrained eye it might look acceptable but to mine is very grey & wishy washy. From my time at college learning film processing I appreciated how an image was created, dodge and burning to make the image come alive, there is so much than just pushing down the shutter. Even though I work in the digital age now with photoshop I still get a kick out of spending the time on creating the image in a similar way. It is hard to explain to some so I have posted one of my images with a basic B&W conversion and one of MY edits below. Typically I invest a minimum of 6 hours on each client, so I have to charge accordingly which the majority do appreciate.

Cutting corners is not an option!

Thanks for reading