I first took a call from Naomi way back in November 2013 regarding my newborn photography services as she was due in April 2014, so was very keen to schedule her session in plenty of time. I always advise to book in around the start of the 3rd trimester.

Well babies being babies they do not always play ball, some are very keen to enter the world early & some decide to delay their arrival, which is why I always schedule in a window either side of due dates! I myself was a premature baby weighing less than 2 bags of sugar arriving 4 weeks early & fondly remember my nan telling me about my story with tears in her eyes, but little Lenny Noah was even smaller in comparison, I will let Lenny's mum take up this special story of this amazing little fighter.

"Ok, so Lenny was born on 16 March at 9.07am by way if an emergency caesarean. He weighed in at 3lb 5oz. After cuddles with Daddy (mummy was put out so was asleep) he was whisked off to the amazing Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Unit at medway hospital. Lenny was in intensive care for four days but had the advantage that he could self ventilate from birth. Lenny's weight dipped down to just 3lb over the following days. He was moved to high dependency where he spent just under two weeks.  He was born with IUGR which is where his stomach was not fully formed due to being born early and as a result he could not always handle his food. We had a minor set back in week 2 and were told that he would be nil by mouth an even bigger weight loss! But on the upside he was responding well in all other areas. Lenny then started to gain weight, a few ounces a day and started to have the temperature reduced on his incubator. On Mother's Day, we went to visit and he was out of the incubator and in a cot with just one monitor on. Was amazing. 
On the evening of Mother's Day Lenny was moved to special care which is the final step, he was weighing in at approx 3lb 10oz and was now in a cot with no monitors at all. We were able to do more and more for him with him coming home on 6th April. He left hospital weighing 3lb 11oz. We were stocked up with special formula and vitamins and he steadily gained weight. About a pound a week. He is now 14 weeks old and weighs 11lb 9oz.
He is still small for his age but is doing so well. We are going back to the hospital on 8th July for a follow up. We will be visiting the Oliver Fisher baby unit to donate all his premature clothes and to catch up with the people who helped save his life.
Lenny is a very chilled out happy baby these days and continues to amaze us with his development."

I would like to thank Naomi for allowing me to share her very personal story & to thank the wonderful Nurses at the Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Unit just down the road at Medway Maritime Hospital. It is so reassuring to know that great care is out their for these very special little fighters.

Thank you for taking the time to read this special story & if you would like to book your very own newborn or baby portrait session to record those precious early memories please do get in contact.

Many thanks