Last month I received a very special request from my neighbour Claire, who asked if I was able to help reproduce an image of her late father as she wanted it to take pride of place on the top table at her wedding at Cooling Castle later this week!

We got chatting and I discovered that she sadly had very few images of her Dad & this was the image that she wanted to have reproduced, in its present state was a 6x4" print.

In my earlier career I worked in & helped set up digital scanning bureau's for the reinsurance industry, which was digital imagery in it's infancy so decided to blow off the cobwebs from my scanner to try to enlarge the image to a reasonable size, without too much loss in quality. Below is my first edit to remove the racing car to make it look like a standard portrait.

The next step was to edit out the racing harness straps and paint in the details in the face as the image had lots of noise in it.

And here is the final file, which I had reproduced in the lab sized at 8x6" which was then placed in a 10x8" mount & I framed ready for the TOP TABLE.


I wish Nick & Claire a wonderful wedding day & wish them both all future happiness together! They honestly are truly caring people as those that know their personal story will totally understand.