I really need to thank Paul & Hannah for agreeing to let me share their special story & images with you all & I hope you enjoy viewing this special post. The majority of my time is spent with clients in the confines of the studio, so it was so refreshing to hit the road again & use my natural lighting skills, after all that is where my fascination with photography began! This time of year is also quite for a blow as I am busy with my Christmas trade and clients wish to keep their images secret until the big day has passed by.

I was contacted a couple of months ago by Paul who had become a proud father earlier in the year and wanted to capture images of himself, wife & daughter as a Christmas family gift to them all for what had been an extra special year for them.

Paul was initially drawn to my website as I appeared regularly in the results for local family photographer searches on Google, various portfolio images & also an image that I had posted on my website of me and my father shown here particularly struck a note with him.

In his words "The love, pride and philosophy that you show in your work really comes across well & impressed me"

We exchanged various emails where I suggested lovely local parks and woodland and Paul went out exploring one weekend to decide which one would work best as a backdrop for the images that he had in mind. One thing I picked up on was that Paul was a keen photographer himself, which was praise indeed for my family photography.

It was decided that we would schedule a 2 hour woodland session as the colours this year are amazing in the trees, but sadly the weather was not forecast to be that great, but I made the call to postpone the session a few hours until the afternoon.

 The weather turned out perfect in the afternoon

The weather turned out perfect in the afternoon

I very much in my mind wanted to tell a story of Paul & Hannah's new family life together, the love that they have for their daughter was so clear.

As you can see we had so much fun exploring the woodland in search of dreamy light and wonderful colours. The weather although autumnal was unusually mild & we were blessed with late afternoon sunshine. I got a little carried away and really struggled during the editing stage when do my culling. It was so hard to lose some images but I didn't want to confuse Paul & Hannah with an overwhelming choice. They say less is more.................. & I won't mention the fact that I misplaced my tripod & realised just before we got back to the car park which locked up 10 minutes later. One thing I found out is that whilst my memory started working & I managed to retrace our steps, I need to do more exercise as the run almost killed me 

It has now been four days since I held the special viewing session with Paul & Hannah & I am still buzzing. Thankfully they were thrilled with the slideshow & had to watch all 11 minutes of it twice, tears flowed and we had plenty of giggles. Top top it all I awoke to this wonderful review on my Facebook business page:

"Well, Hannah and I were very excited for the viewing, and you absolutely delivered. The images were everything that we hoped they would be; colour, contrast, texture, emotion and most importantly, the real us as a family. 
When I spoke to you right at the beginning of the process and described the type of shots that we wanted, I honestly didn't think that you would get all of them EXACTLY as we imagined them. You should feel extremely proud of yourself, a truly excellent job.
Thank you"

If you would like to book your very own family location session in Kent, I would love to hear from you, whilst I can't guarantee sunshine, I will capture the bond that makes your family so special. My sessions are priced from £99 for 2 hours of coverage & I have a wide range of special products to make your portraits standout.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post & please do try to get out and enjoy the wonderful surroundings we have here in Kent, we are very spoilt.